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GP-400 Super High Power Cast Stretch Film

GP-400 Super High Power Cast Stretch Film

Our Product

Al Waad Packaging Company Industries manufactures a wide selection of cast stretch films for different applications and machine types. Made from virgin polyethylene and the best raw materials in our advanced German-made film casting lines, our films have extreme strength and stretchability.


GP-400 is a newly developed high end Nano-layer polyethylene cast stretch film. It is specially made for high-performance use on fully-automatic/on-line wrapping machines, including a turntable and rotating arm type.

Features And Benefits

Features :

  • Excellent stretch capability
  • High transparency and clarity
  • Strong tear and puncture resistance
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Robust Nano-layer structure

Benefits :

  • High value-in-use, most economical cost wrapping
  • Easy barcode reading and visual product identification
  • Protects goods from mechanical damage during
  • Protects goods from moisture, dirt, sand, and dust
  • Easy application, will not tear in the machine

GP-400 is available in a variety of standard lengths and thicknesses (from 8 mu to 55mu) with differing properties. Products with alternative thicknesses and lengths can be made to order if required

Every endeavor has been made to ensure that the information given herein is true and reliable but is given only for the guidance of our customers without any guarantee. Users are advised to confirm the suitability of our recommendation by their own test. The tests are performed at 23⁰C (+/-2 degrees). The roll gross weight has a tolerance of +/-5%.